Saturday, April 12, 2008

折り紙 と 書道 と日本 の 食べ物

Origami,caligraphy and japanese food! 美味しい!!

Today I could say was the Japanese Day.

The Romanian-Japanese Studies Centre organized, together with Hayashi Sensei and her friends, a great event. We made origami, we tried to write some kanji words using a caligraphy set and we ate some delicious Japanese sweets (the bread with nut filling was especially exquisite) made by our very talented Japanese guests(.... we brought the drinks...:).

What more can I say, it was a super day!

Many thanks to all who made it possible!!!


Alex Lazar said...

I was there!!! I made origami!!! I know BOX!!! I can say "Watashi wa Alexandru desu."

Thnx Lavi!

Gabriela said...

Wow!! looks like you had a wonderful time! :) I'm so glad that such things are happening at RAU. hugs

Gabriela said...

hey girl! update blog! go out and take pix!!! miss you! I'm coming back on the 31st of May!! yay we need to schedule a get2gether!

hope you had a great weekend! :*

Anonymous said...

Update! Update! More posts!!

Poze nunta Maria said...

felicitari, in primul rand pentru blog, iar in al doilea rand pentru minunatele postari